WINGS for Mercy Care is the volunteer fundraising arm of the Mercy Care Foundation. Originally an independent committee of the Saint Joseph’s Auxiliary, in 1992 WINGS established itself as part of Saint Joseph’s Mercy Foundation with its own by-laws. Represented by more than 100 dedicated individuals, WINGS’ personal commitment is powerful. Through elected leadership, using their time, talents and resources, WINGS members produce a variety of special events annually to help Mercy Care reach its philanthropic and budgetary goals. Since 1990, WINGS has raised more than $7.5 million for Mercy Care.

WINGS for Mercy Care members are ambassadors to the community. Not only do they serve as volunteer fundraisers for Mercy Care, many WINGS members make a commitment to personally volunteer at Mercy Care.  The group also collects winter coats, clothing, blankets and toiletry items to support Mercy Care’s homeless outreach mission. The group’s dedication can be seen in the commitment of the Wings for Mercy Care volunteers and the wide variety of projects supported by them.



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