Health Education


Health education takes topics such as medical conditions and healthy living behaviors and makes them easier to understand. Mercy Care’s Health Promotion and Education Program empowers patients to improve wellness and prevent chronic disease through Community Classes, Group Classes and Individual Appointments.

Bilingual Mercy Care health educators offer culturally and linguistically appropriate Health Promotion and Education Programs in English and Spanish at clinic sites and community locations. Many resources are free to patients and the community.


Community Health Education classes educate and connect.


Health Education classes cover disease, wellness and addiction in group or individual formats.

Perinatal Health supports healthy births, child wellness and maternal health.

Parenting Education gives Spanish-speaking parents the tools to grow healthy families.

Group Health Education opens discussions around relevant and life-impacting health topics.


Group Health Education classes offer patients the information they need to make sound health decisions and the skills needed for disease prevention.

Peers support among classmates can be life changing for patients facing health issues.

Repeat participants share knowledge they have gained through Mercy Care.

Individual Health Education cares for clients who desire personal healthcare consultation.


Health Education helps clients manage medications and apply doctor recommendations.

Health Educators are available to listen, educate and support ongoing wellness.

Health Educators support all individuals, including those with Limited English Proficiency.


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