Georgia Prisoner Reentry Initiative

Together with the Georgia Prisoner Reentry Initiative (GA-PRI) and the guidance of the Georgia Department of Correction (GDC), Mercy Care brings the capacity, commitment, and knowledge to ease the difficult transition after prison. Providing support in the form of quality healthcare, information and community resources, Mercy Care helps former offenders to reenter the community successfully.



Continuum of Care

Mercy Care is a key partner in Atlanta Continuum of Care (CoC) which focuses community commitment to the goal of ending homelessness. The program meets the specific needs of clients experiencing homelessness and provides the tools necessary for them to get off of the streets. CoC efforts focus on quickly re-housing homeless individuals and families, effectively utilizing resources, and optimizing self-sufficiency.



Atlanta Shares

Atlanta Shares food voucher exchange program is a collaborative way for our community to feed the hungry and poor. Churches and community groups purchase vouchers from Mercy Care and sell them to individuals who then distribute them to those in need. Merchants that accept the vouchers receive reimbursement through Mercy Care. The process assures people that their donations are meeting the basic needs of the homeless or poor persons they encounter.  



HIV Integrated Health

Mercy Care believes in HIV testing as a part of routine medical care for all clients. As an HIV on the Frontlines of Communities in the United States (FOCUS)partner, Mercy Care tests patients 13-64 years of age for HIV as a part of routine medical care. Test results are confidential and protected by HIPAA.
FOCUS program in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR)



Grady Memorial Hospital

Mercy Care and Grady Memorial Hospital have a history of coordinated patient care. Mercy Care refers patients to Grady when specialty care falls outside the medical services offered by Mercy Care. This transition efficiently facilitates services to the patient, thanks to medical staff privileges, electronic health records, and open communication channels that allow Mercy Care clients to access Grady specialists without an ER referral.



Mercy Care’s Recuperative Care

The Recuperative Care Unit at Gateway Center is an award-winning model of integrated post-discharge care. The innovative program cares for medically fragile homeless men who have been discharged by Grady Hospital and other area hospitals, and whose recovery is compromised by returning to the instability of life on the streets. Residents of the 19-bed unit can enjoy a safe environment, education, support service referrals, and a chance to heal.

Funding provided in part by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners under the guidance of the Department of Housing and Community Development.



This website contains HIV information that may not be suitable for all audiences.