We believe everyone deserves exceptional medical care
regardless of insurance or income status.

Through a network of clinics and outreach programs, patients can access an array
of medical and social services, delivered with compassion.

Serving Atlanta since 1985

The Sisters of Mercy have a long history of healing ministry in the South. President Abraham Lincoln recognized them for their compassion and dedication to all soldiers in our Civil War. In 1880 they opened the first hospital in metro Atlanta, Atlanta Hospital, later named Saint Joseph's. In 1985 Mercy Care Services was incorporated as a non-profit and in 2001 built their current headquarters and clinic on Decatur Street in downtown Atlanta.


Fast Facts


More than $10 million dollars were raised in grants and donations in 2013.


Patient Stats

95% of Mercy Care patients are uninsured and 83% live at or below the poverty line.



12,800 patients attended 24,575 medical, 8,359 dental, 5,229 mental health, 786 vision, and 7,972 enabling service encounters in 2013.

Latest News & Updates

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