Fees Explained

What is the payment policy?

Patients living in a shelter, airport, train station, bus station, car or outdoors do not have to pay for any services.

Patients who indicate one of the following living situations will have a minimum charge for each service provided including medical, optometry, behavioral health, dental and pharmacy services.

Why is this necessary?

Mercy Care makes excellent healthcare possible for everyone. However, Mercy Care is funded by the federal government and is required to collect payments based on what patients can afford.

What if I can't afford to pay fees?

Ask to talk to a clinic manager or financial counselor to see if payment arrangements can be made. You can also call 678-843-8600 and ask to talk to a financial counselor or make an appointment with one.

What is needed to qualify for the sliding fee scale?

It is extremely important for first-time patients or those who haven’t been to a Mercy Care clinic in over a year and need the discounted rates to bring the proper documents. We must confirm that you qualify once every 12 months. Please bring:

  1. Photo ID (if applicable).

  2. Proof of current address in the form of a utility bill, lease agreement or homeless shelter letter. If your ID has your current address on it, additional proof of address is not needed.

  3. Proof of income - Bring one of the following as proof of household income only if you want to apply for discounted fees/copays based on a sliding fee scale.

If you have commercial insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, you do not need to bring proof of income. You need only your current insurance card and photo ID—unless you need discounted co-pays. Then the above is needed.


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