At this moment, thousands of men, women and children are underinsured or uninsured in our community. Per capita, Georgia ranks 50th in Medicaid spending, and 49th in health care spending. Our state has the fifth highest population of uninsured residents in the country. And perhaps most disturbing, Georgia ranks fourth for the greatest number of uninsured children.

As one of the oldest and largest non-profit community outreach organizations in Atlanta, Mercy Care believes that healthcare is a basic human right. We work to provide adequate and affordable healthcare for all. We advocate for those in the greatest need by giving patients a voice in the issues and matters that impact their lives and care. Finally, we commit that “Catholic healthcare should distinguish itself by service to and advocacy for those people whose social condition puts them at the margins of our society and makes them particularly vulnerable to discrimination."

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Together, we can make a difference. Join Mercy Care in our respectful efforts to deepen the conversation. Listen, learn and educate others about these pressing issues. Engage the voices of the uninsured to inform policies. Bring leaders together. Let’s transform good ideas into action.

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